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If you’ve managed to stave off tasting everything on offer, then you may have saved room for one of our delicate desserts. We draw inspiration from different places in the world, so if you want to continue your Italian experience, have no fear, you can tuck into some tasty tiramisu or gelato ice cream. If you want to try something that goes against convention, we won’t stop you – it’s all on offer!

Our salad bar has a wide selection of greens to graze on. With fresh vegetables lit up by mayonnaise, cheese, peepers and other tastes, a salad is a perfect way to start a meal and the ability to dine your way encapsulates our selection perfectly.

Travel to central Italy and enjoy the smooth tomatoes and sharp pecorino cheeses of one of Europe’s most renowned cuisines. You’ll find pastas such as pappardelle and ravioli waiting for you, accompanied by a meaty sauce. We wouldn’t be able to represent Italy without a world famous food like pizza. Our pizzas are made with a crispy thin base and mozzarella cheese. Every day sees different choices here, so you can expect something new with each visit.

Mexican street food is vibrant in flavours and textures. It’s a perfect reflection of its people and places. There’s a plethora of peppers, vegetables, meats and rices to have with a cream, cheese or salsa of your choosing. Our chefs are happy to wrap your selection up in a tortilla so you’re able to enjoy your food your way.

China’s varied landscapes have led to diverse environments, people and, consequently, cuisine. The famous Eight Cuisines of China are all prepared in our kitchen so you can indulge in spicy, sweet, sour and salty dishes, all emboldened by red meats, white meats and seafood for your pleasure. Our chef’s specialties are in the spicy Sichuan and sweet Cantonese flavours with over 25 years experience preparing them in restaurants and hotels.

The menu draws inspiration from all over India, but it is it’s northern dishes we have an affinity for. Our butter chicken headlines the meals, an indulgent recipe which accommodates both spicy and mild palettes. It is traditionally served as a lightly spiced dish of chicken chunks with chopped vegetables. A rising star in Britain, our rogan josh is a Kashmiri dish made with lamb, spices and thickened with yoghurt. It is not all curries however; tandoori is also made fresh in a more crisp dish alongside salad or rice. An array of curries await you here.